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is acoustic travel. Jazz musician and anthropologist, Thomas Wakefield's vision of putting together a group to explore music and culture come to fruition in the auditory adventure that is Gypsy Roots. Steeped in American blues, swing, Latin and jazz, Gypsy Roots draws upon the strong influence of music within the Gypsy diaspora, particularly the style pioneered by the legendary French Gypsy guitar genius, Django Reinhardt. Terms such as jazz manouche, Gypsy Jazz, and "string swing" have been applied to this genre of music created and explored by Reinhardt and his Roma brethren. The tradition of this music continues today as contemporary Gypsy musicians move forward to create exhilarating and vibrant tapestries of sound with one ear firmly fixed on their rich cultural past. It is within this philosophy that Gypsy Roots creates its sound, full of passion, fun, fire and promise. Join the caravan, sit around the campfire and explore the sonic journeys of Gypsy Roots.

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Dark Eyes

5:09 min

0:47 min

1:42 min
My Dreams

6:02 min

1:28 min

0:53 min

1:31 min

1:41 min

0:39 min
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